Learn how to direct with confidence, make your clients feel like models and create scroll stopping images.

This workshop is designed for people who are wanting to establish themselves in personal branding, learn more about this area of photography or expand their portfolio and learn all we have from myself and Laura Adams.

Do you  want to :

*Learn how to photograph women in a relaxed and stylish way.

*Learn how to make people at  confident and comfortable in in front of the camera.

*Master the art of communication and how to establish a rapport  with your client. 

*Learn how to get rid of any awkwardness to create images that your client will love.

*Upgrade your current portfolio

*Learn the ease of effortless posing

*Learn the flow of a branding shoot

* Learn what to shoot for your clients

*Learn how to create extra income from your shoots.


” I cannot recommend her highly enough! I’m not the biggest fan of having photos taken but she made me feel at ease and created the most beautiful images ”



I’m Natasha

With over a decade of working with real women, I have mastered the art of making them feel at ease in front of my camera. Making clients feel relaxed, and fast, is a vital skill for creating beautiful imagery, that aligns with their brand. I want to share my experience with you, so you can move forward, creating natural imagery that connects and sells. You’ll not just leave understanding the process, you’ll also take away professional imagery for your own business. The right imagery attracts your people – isn’t it time you started communicating with your audience?



I don’t feel confident shooting in front of other people.

Yep, been there – felt that – got the t-shirt! I’ve attended workshops where I’ve stayed at the back and just watched, scared that my input would be wrong. Trust me when I say this is a safe space. A space where you can exercise your creativity, whilst building your confident too.. 

I can’t direct people.

This is the most common frustration that I hear. I’m going to teach you how to direct with ease and flow, so that your subjects actually enjoy the process.

I cant make the in-person event.

To get the most out of this workshop, it needs to be face-to-face. I want all delegates to take notes and exercise all the skills they’ve learnt during our time together. I hope this will be the first of many live sessions so please join my mailing list here for future dates. 



One of the most underrated secrets to success is to start before you are ready.

Effortless. Authentic. Relaxed. Real.

Let me take you through the whole process

from start
to finish, allowing  you to  create the ultimate
shoot for your client, that showcases their

brand and story.

Create imagery that they can’t wait to use.

A collaboration between myself and the creative 


magician Laura Adams, this is a power house 

of  day!! 


EASY AS 1,2,3

Give me all the details

What is the Branding Photography workshop?

This full day course is designed to give you a portfolio overhaul and give you the tools to create your own relaxed photographs with your clients. To learn how to execute your own style whilst taking on board their business vision and needs. Methods to create extra income from your shoots. It will teach you how to flow through your posing so that your clients don’t feel uncomfortable  and self conscious. 

The day will teach you how to connect with women to get them to be relaxed to get the most out of their shoot. Whether you shoot branding shoots, motherhood portraits or brides, you must establish a connection and rapport with your clients to make them feel relaxed in front of the camera. This full day’s session will give you experience of working with 3 different women to uplevel your skills and elevate your portfolio. If you are wanting to get more confident at photographing women and helping them create the best visuals of themselves and their brand this full day workshop is for you.

What will I gain?
What is the cost, when & where is it at?
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Recent Work

Leeds Branding Photography
Leeds Branding Photography
Leeds Branding Photography
Leeds Branding Photography
Leeds Branding Photography
Leeds Branding Photography
Leeds Branding Photography
Natasha Cadman Branding Slick thinking
Natasha Cadman Branding Slick thinking
Natasha Cadman Branding Slick thinking
Natasha Cadman Branding Slick thinking

13/oct/22 10-4.

GBP299 (£249 for the first 5 delegates to book)